I have found ♔ the one whom my soul loves ړײ

Its me and my★Jeanne.



is ړײLove Laughing Life.

Name: Jason Thomas Orange

Partner: Jeanne is my ړײLove

★& daughter Rebekka










Birth name: Jason Thomas Orange

Birth name Jeanne: Jeanne Kubik


★ Birth date: 1970|7|10

★Birth date Jeanne: 1969|8|12



★ Birth place: Crumpsall, Manchester, Great Britain.

★ Birth place Jeanne: Sulingen, Niedersachsen, germany.

Genre: pop music, pop rock, soft rock, dance music.

Occupation / Background: Singer

Songwriter, Dancer, Musician

and Actor.

Instrument: Vocals, guitar, mandolin

Years active1990 – present


TakeThat years active:

1989–1996, 2005–2014

On 24 September 2014, I have left the band TakeThat.